Sunday, 5 April 2015

Planting time!

We spent a long and at times frustrating day up at our allotment yesterday working away in the mud. It was pretty cold, pretty wet and pretty darn unpleasant but as is testament to our aching limbs this morning, we achieved a lot!

Four of our six beds are now (almost) completely free of horrible old weeds. It does feel like painting the Forth Bridge as every time I go up there it feels like we are starting again. Anyway, they are workable and that's the main thing. We also now have massive big composting bins so yesterday we spent some time setting them up and getting them going. We have been collecting food waste at home (delightful) to help with this so hopefully we will have our own compost soon enough.

The most exciting thing we achieved yesterday was to actually start planting some of our seeds. While the beds are now mostly ready, the seeds need to get started in little pots first of all before we transfer them in to the big beds. I was happy to act as allotment assistant as we prepped the soil, planted the seeds, watered and nurtured our little beauties. 

So, we now have the beginnings of radishes, spring onions, peas, french beans, cos lettuce, beetroot, golden beetroot and some borlotti beans we found on a shelf in the shed. If those beans grow we have old Mr Butts to thank! 

Hopefully we have planted a wide enough range of things to have some successes. Time will tell. Next to go in is the asparagus and then the spuds. We have a drawer full of other seeds to go in later in the year.

Fingers are well and truly crossed!

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