Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bloomin' Brilliant

It was an absolutely glorious day out on the allotment yesterday. Probably the first day I've been down there since we took ownership that my teeth didn't chatter or the cold, cold wind did not blow.

The sun shone, it was positively balmy. Being a public holiday, the allotments were bustling with life too. It was great to see so many people out enjoying the weather and working away on their allotments. I think seeing other people hard at work gave me a burst of enthusiasm as well. One particularly lively Italian family were out in force nearby and their laughter and joie de vivre certainly was infectious.

Of all days for that transformation to take place it was good timing it happened yesterday. I came home after a long afternoon sore in all sorts of places, with wet knees, socks full of muck and a muddy backside. Oh yes it'll all be worth it when we're cooking up our own vegetables at home, freshly plucked from the land. I hope.

Even in my downtime last night I found myself glued to Gardener's World watching Monty Don teach us the best way to plant asparagus. For this week we shall be planting out ours. Trust us to pick the most complicated place to begin. It will be hours of hard work to get these little bleeders planted and even then we won't reap the rewards for several years. The one good thing is that once in, we will have the benefit of fresh asparagus for (hopefully) more than twenty years. Let's wait and see!

We have also discovered fresh life in the strawberry plants left behind by the previous owner.  These have now been freed from the weeds strangling them, the poor things. It would seem we now own fourteen strawberry plants showing signs of new life! I am already preparing for lots of jam making.

Fingers crossed we'll be making asparagus soup in a few years too...

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