Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring is in the air?

Urgh. Spring may have sprung and the daffodils may be out and raising our spirits but today on the allotment was pretty grim. It was cold, it was wet and it was windy.

I dealt with this by pottering about in the shed, reorganising the shelves and "making a plan" for the week. Then I came home for a coffee. I hope my resolve isn't slipping after only one week. 

Today was definitely more Margo, less Barbara.

Fair enough when the weather conspires against us there are certain things we can't be doing. And furthermore, the allotments weren't exactly pulsating with life. I spotted one other brave soul, sheltering away with his thermos. So I don't feel too bad. 

I'm also worrying about the amount of stuff other people have planted. Time marches on and we have endless things to get into the ground within the next few weeks. We have potatoes, chard, kale, sprouts, rocket, peas, beans, leeks and beetroot to deal with and tricky asparagus to plant. We're also waiting on a delivery of rhubarb. Before we can do that we have two more beds to dig and some dead strawberry plants to dig up and dispose of. Then there's the manure.

Ah yes, it's not often in life I've imagined myself traipsing through the streets of North London humping a great big vat of organic manure. Needs must. I hope friends and potential volunteers don't see this as we may not see them again until it's time to treat the allotment as a haven mid-summer entertaining...

So really, gardeners and allotmenteers out there: how do you cope with foul weather? What sees you through and what tips do you have for carrying on regardless?

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  1. As our garden is right outside the house and not an allotment, on a eet and nasty day I simply don't garden. Gazing out of the window is good, as is watching Garderners World on telly but nothing much else can or should be done if the weather's bad and spirit is down. Gardening is a joy and a pleasure; do little, often. And when the sun shines and you have the most eonderful day on your allotment, so good that you have to drag yourself home as it's too dark to see, that's when it's all worthwhile.

    1. You're an inspiration Flaming Nora :) unfortunately today I resembled Uncle Albert after he'd poisoned all Renee's customers at the Corner Shop